Human beings are in thrall to high tech gadgets like never before. This means that it is a great time to be getting in on the franchise bandwagon, if that franchise is involved in the technology business. Computer services for mums and dads and small businesses is a fast growth area; and franchises are springing up in this sector all over America. Technology solutions and back-up servicing remains a top tech franchise for aspiring entrepreneurs or established business owners. I cannot see this need disappearing any time soon, can you?

What Are the Hottest Tech Franchises Right Now?

Fast-teks On-site Computer Services have 267 franchises and have been operating across the US since 2004. This business model offers low start-up costs and an opportunity to hit the ground running. The Utility Company is a virtual IT service and has 71 franchises currently. More solutions for computer based issues, but with more of a thing for vertical line business applications. Computer Troubleshooters have 457 franchisees and have been operating since 1997; which makes them industry pioneers in the IT service field. It started in Australia in 1997 and Chip Reaves brought it to America a couple of years later.

Many people become successful franchisees and find that this model is great for profitability and for low cost entry into the market. Build a great client list and you are halfway to success already in this business. Computer Medics of America Inc. extends the whole mobile IT solution thing. Very low start-up costs and suits independent small operators, the one-man band type of thing. Has around 60 franchises across America since 2003. CPR-Cell Phone Repair is a franchise revolving around in-store fixing of our most treasured gadget of all, the cell phone. Kicked off in 2007 and they now have 33 franchises.

WSI Internet was founded in 1995 and it provides internet services to small and mid-sized businesses in 90 countries and over 6 continents. Canadian, Toronto based, it has 1230 franchisees. It has built its business on strategic alliances and partnerships across the digital spectrum. All of these tech franchise based businesses boast low start-up costs and are ideal for young entrepreneurs to kick off their careers. These top tech franchises for aspiring moguls and multi-millionaires are great gateways toward achieving those goals. Computer service solutions are not going to become obsolete any time soon, as far as I can see.